Zipper Design Hoodies - Sweaters


Product Description

The Perfect Stylish And Casual Hoodie For Those Chilly Temperatures

Our Zipper Design Hoodie-Sweater hybrid is a fantastic clothing solution for the colder temperatures of autumn and winter, or for being comfortable any time of the year!

  • Woolen fabric type
  • Hooded
  • Button up collar
  • Full sleeve length
  • Solid pattern type
  • Small, medium and large sizes
  • Cotton and polyester hybrid material
  • 500g weight
  • Free Shipping

Colder temperatures got you feeling trapped inside? Not anymore! Fitness Discount Store is excited to carry these fashionable Zipper Design Hoodies. Is it really a hoodie, or is this actually a sweater? You decide! Keeping your neck and even face warm, you can rough out the colder temperatures of the holiday season in class and style.

With desirable colors like purple, khaki, black, light gray, dark gray, red and blue available, there’s a color of our sweater-hoodie hybrid that’s perfect for all of your outfits.

This comfy sweater jacket is ideal for casual wear, but the cotton and polyester materials make it suitable for getting active and doing things like running in colder weather.

Different from other standard hoodie jackets, our sweater-hoodie zips from the right shoulder down to the waist, ensuring that this piece of clothing feels as comfortable on you as it is stylish! Get your own Zipper Design Hoodie-Sweater from Fitness Discount Store today.