New 2017 Summer Casual Men's Comfortable Shorts


Product Description

Stay Light, Cool And Fast With These Drawstring Men’s Active Shorts

Having shorts that don’t breathe or feel comfortable shouldn’t hold you back from your best workouts. Achieve more with these men’s fitness shorts!

  • Ideal for running or other forms of exercise
  • Solid pattern type
  • Lining made of a cotton blend
  • Nylon material
  • True to size fit

Wearing breathable materials is extremely important, especially when it comes to getting the very best performance out of your runs and workouts. Have you ever experienced any chafing or restricted blood flow while you exercise? Those things are not fun to deal with, but with our fitness shorts for men, those issues are now problems of the past!

By hugging your waist just tight enough to secure a firm fit but not restrict any circulation, our male active shorts are the perfect clothing choice for moving just as fast as you do. Whether you’re primarily into running, biking, hiking or even just lifting at the gym, trust these high-performance shorts to help you get the job done right every single time.