Loose Drawstring Quick-Dry Men's Fitness Shorts


Product Description

Keep Your Legs Dry And Comfortable When You’re Active

With these drawstring shorts from Fitness Discount Store, your workouts will stay as cool as you are!

  • Ideal for running or other forms of exercise
  • Drawstring closure
  • Patchwork pattern type
  • Multiple color selections
  • Spandex and polyester materials
  • True to size fit
  • Ships within two business days

While having the determination and drive to tackle your toughest of workouts is important, there’s no doubt that having the right gear can really make or break your performance.

That’s why Fitness Discount Store carries our Loose Drawstring Quick-Dry Men’s Shorts. Whether you’re training for a marathon, running casual races or working out your upper body at the local gym, these shorts can handle just about anything that you throw at them.

While these fitness shorts are, of course, great for active wear, they also make for ideal casual wear. If you’re looking for a standard pair of men’s shorts that feel as comfortable when you’re simply hanging out as they do when you’re working out, then these are what you need!

At our price, you won’t find a great deal on men’s active shorts like this anywhere else. Shop Fitness Discount Store today!