New Golds Clothing Mens Fitness Shorts


Product Description

These men’s fitness shorts are perfect for the sunny days of summer. These new shorts from Gymshark are for the gym junkie who consistently hits the gym, even during those hot days.

Although these shorts are perfect for just about any men’s active use, you’ll find your runs and jogs to be particularly comfortable when you wear these shorts. With the short’s tapering toward the knee, this short won’t bunch up and get in your way during your workout.

Packed with an elastic waistband and a draw-out cord at the waist that allows you to tighten the short, you’ll have the freedom to tie it as tight as you want without feeling uncomfortable.

Made from spandex and cotton, these shorts are naturally smooth to the body and easily repel water that falls on their surface. Plus, they also keep sweat to a minimum.

Key Features

  • Elastic waistband with a drawstring for a personalized fit
  • Loose fit allows for effective air circulation and keeping the body cool
  • Comes in multiple colors to match your style
  • Repels water and wicks away sweat to keep you dry while you workout                      
  • Perfect for athletes during hot summer workouts