Best Abdominal Wheel Ab Roller With Mat For Exercise Fitness Gym Equipment and Accessory


Product Description

Who doesn’t want good-looking abs? Core strength is a central tenant of fitness, and our abdominal wheel roller from Fitness Discount Store is a unique and effective device that you’ll want for your ab workouts! This ab roller strengthens your core muscles in order to support your everyday movements, balance your muscular growth, and even help ease back pain. This abdominal wheel roller will also increase your muscle mass as it elevates your heart rate and metabolic rate, which is important for optimal calorie burn.

Ensuring stability as you use this wheel roller, it features a double wheel system with a nonskid track. This makes it so that you won’t slip while rolling the wheel and pulling it back in. Made from high-density plastic, the contoured finish on the easy grip handles allows for an easy and secure grip. The two wheels on the roller fit securely together and won’t rattle when you roll them up and down. For an easy, quick and effective abdominal workout experience, lockdown on the best abdominal wheel roller today!

Key Features

  • Strengthens your core, arms, shoulders and back all in one smooth motion
  • Dual-action wheels that will not slip on any surface
  • Foam grip handles for a more comfortable workout
  • Instructions included
  • Easy to assemble right outside of the box

Other specifications

  • Type: double-wheeled
  • Model number: JSO7
  • Comes with mat