Yoga Gym Foam Floating Point Exercise Roller Blocks


Product Description

The Affordable Yoga Foam Roller That You’ve Been Waiting For

Whether you’re a yoga enthusiast or you just want a reliable way to roll your muscles and unwind after a strenuous workout session, our yoga foam roller is perfect for you!

  • Ideal for workouts and yoga
  • EVA material
  • Size: 31 cm x 14.8 cm
  • Stylish black, blue and purple color options
  • Massage floating point surface
  • Great for home use
  • Lightweight and easily portable

Yoga is by no means a brand new thing, but it’s been growing in popularity over the past several decades. If you want to be fully prepared for your next yoga class and maximize your experience, you’ll definitely want to pick up a yoga foam roller from our online fitness equipment shop here at Fitness Discount Store!

Great for a wide variety of exercise routines and simply stretching out your muscles after a long day, people simply love the feeling of a good roller. If you’ve been experiencing a great deal of muscle soreness after taking time off exercising, this foam floating point roller block is the therapy that your leg and back muscles need. While it’s always fun to roll with a partner, the brilliance about yoga rollers is that you don’t need anyone to help you out as you’re stretching out. Simply find some floorspace and get to stretching! It’s that easy.

Even better, this lightweight piece of foam can go anywhere you go. Throw it in the car on your way to running errands, on a road trip, going to a friend’s house, or wherever you’re going. If you’ve been looking for a versatile piece of exercise equipment at a great price, our yoga roller blocks are perfect! Shop Fitness Discount Store today.