Thigh Master - Leg - Arm - Slim Abdominal


Product Description

Whip Your Thighs Into Shape and Build The Muscle You Desire!

Skip the expensive gym membership and heavy equipment. With the Thigh Master, get a great leg workout anytime, anywhere!

  • Multi-use beauty leg exercise equipment
  • Soft and comfortable use
  • Weight: 320g
  • Red, blue, gray and violet color options
  • PVC foam thick steel spring material
  • Great for home use
  • Incredible value at our unbeatable price!

If there’s a valuable way to spend your time, it’s exercising. Going to your local gym is great, but sometimes it’s just a hassle to leave home and head out to the gym. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some home gym equipment to use on your own time? Whether you work from home or you don’t feel like braving the weather outside, the Thigh Master is a fantastic piece of fitness equipment that will keep your legs and thighs toned and muscular.

By putting the Thigh Master between your knees and squeezing them together, this remarkably simple yet incredibly effective exercise technique is one of the most efficient ways to shape your thighs. Ideal for new mothers looking to tone up after having a baby, the Thigh Master is the perfect piece of exercise equipment to multitask with. Whether you’re watching TV, planning a meal, spending time on your laptop or getting lost in a good book, why not maximize the time in your day-to-day life and get a great thigh workout anytime, anywhere?


Fitness Discount Store is excited to carry this piece of durable fitness equipment to help busy moms, people that work from home, and anyone else that can benefit from stronger, toned thighs. If you ask us, we think that everyone could benefit from a pair of sexy thighs. Don’t you agree? Shop our fitness equipment online and get your very own piece of multi-use leg equipment today.