2" Barbell Spin-lock Collars For Weightlifting, Bodybuilding Fitness Equipment


Product Description

With our 2” Barbell Spin-lock Collars, the fear of your barbells sliding over the bar as you’re lifting is now a worry of the past! These convenient spin-lock collars are great because they are designed with easy, fast-locking technology featuring a convenient quick-release tab. As weightlifters move bars around during a workout, locking collars will prevent the weights from falling off of the bar.

Overall, these lock-down collars are a very necessary and important safety feature that all weightlifters should be using in order to prevent injury. If you enjoy having a variety of color options for all of your fitness essentials, then you’re in luck! These 2” Barbell Spin-lock Collars from Fitness Discount Store come in green, blue, yellow, black, grey, red and pink. Perfect for use with a cast plate, cast grip plate and rubber grip plate for weights, you’ll have safe weight lifting sessions from here on out. Make the smart choice and get your own locking weight collars today!

Key Features

  • Size: 2-inch diameter
  • Material is coated with reinforced plastic
  • Will not scratch the bars
  • Colors available in yellow, red, black, blue, grey, pink and green
  • Package includes a 2-inch Barbell Clamp
  • Lightweight which makes it easy to carry and store