Fitness Sports Gym Gloves For Weightlifting and Exercise Half Finger


Product Description

If you’re serious about your weightlifting game, then these weight lifting gloves from Fitness Discount Store are a must-have item. These high quality, all-purpose training gloves with straps will provide you with comfort, control, and enhanced grip when you’re lifting at the gym. Made from premium quality leather featuring reinforced stitching, this weight lifting glove will be durable.

Additionally, these power gloves will help protect your hands from bruising when gripping the bars of weights. With different sizes available, these fitness gloves are perfect for any weightlifter of just about any size. The double stitched, anatomic curve design seals the deal as it assists your posture and technique with heavy lifting by enhancing your grip on rods and bars.


Take your weight lifting game to the next level and get yourself a pair of fitness gloves today!


Key Features

  • Strategically padded palms for extra comfort and grip
  • Sizes: M, L, XL
  • Suitable for both beginners and seasoned fitness goers
  • Orange, blue and pink colors
  • Intended for weight lifting but suitable for other activities
  • Improved stability and grip during heavy weight lifting