Half Finger Body Building Sports Fitness Gloves Men and Women


Product Description

Weight Lift The Smart, Comfortable and Safe Way With These Fitness Gloves!

At Fitness Discount Store, we love weightlifting as much as the next fitness junkie, but you’re doing yourself a disservice without proper bodybuilding gloves. Check these out!


  • Specifically designed for weightlifting
  • Velcro straps to tighten gloves
  • Comfortable, soft fit
  • Stylish blue, gray and black colors
  • Prevents blisters
  • Take them wherever you go
  • Offered at an unbeatable price!


There’s nothing like the rewarding satisfaction of seeing yourself bulk up over time. As your muscles continue to grow bigger and those biceps start popping out, do yourself a favor and lock down on your very own pair of half finger bodybuilding gloves from us here at Fitness Discount Store.


Not only will you effectively prevent blisters from occurring, but you’ll also have a much, tighter, more secure grip on the bar, ensuring that you lift with the confidence and power that you deserve at the gym. Ideal for those with sweaty palms - literally - the days of having the bar slip from under you are over. Weightlifting accidents are a real thing, and most of the blame is due to a lack of proper weightlifting gloves. If you’re dedicated to lifting, picking up a pair of these half finger fitness gloves is a must!


At Fitness Discount Store, we seek to improve the workout experience for runners, weightlifters, athletes, and anyone willing to get moving. Shop our half finger bodybuilding gloves today and take your lifting sessions to the next level!