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How to lose weight fast is undoubtedly the question we find ourselves asking repeatedly directly or indirectly. The answer to the question “how to lose weight fast safely” is one which eludes many of us. In particular, as we get older it becomes more and more difficult to maintain our body weight and shape, and increasingly we find ourselves losing the battle with our decreasing metabolism. The results can be significant, and at times even to our own eyes, unsightly.

It's easy enough to make the decision of doing something proactively. We affirm our intent to diet and lose weight fast. We embark on fad diets, count calories, measure carb intake, undertake what all too often is sporadic exercise, and some of us even resort to starving ourselves.

But how often does good intent allow us to achieve our lofty goals of rapid weight loss? In most cases, rarely and we achieve little more than some short-term pain and discomfort for no real long term gain.

So what lies behind our apparent inability to make these methods work? For one thing, there are a lot of myths about weight loss which provide more misdirection than assistance. It's the little half truths which can ultimately do more harm than good.

So what's the solution if we want to know how to diet and lose weight fast and keep it that way? Let’s take a look at some vital tips that can enhance fast, effective and safe weight loss:

Balanced diet

You might have probably heard that people are advised to adhere to some certain foods and stay away from others just to lose weight. But most time this often results in not eating a balanced diet and as a result, you never get the expected results in your quest to lose weight. Eating a balance a diet can help you lose weight fast and safely. Carbohydrates, protein and even fat are all essential for your body to run efficiently - there is no need to eliminate any of them completely. What is important is to eat the right kinds of these foods. That means out with the processed varieties and in with the whole, natural foods. Remember to eat "naturally from the earth" and you will find that almost immediately you will begin to feel better and realize that learning how to lose weight fast is easier than you thought!

Recently, there has been a plethora of low carb, low-fat diets cited as the best way to lose weight but there are problems with these type of regimes, not least that they are often extremely difficult to follow for any length of time. You should be looking to eat healthy carbs such as brown rice or sweet potatoes rather than pizzas and chips.

Avoid consuming white carbohydrates such as white bread and white pasta - these types of carbs are often made with refined white flour which typically triggers a high glycemic response and can lead to large insulin spikes which is something to avoid if you are looking to lose fat and discover how to lose weight fast.

When it comes to fat, make sure you are getting the right kinds of fats and balance saturated, unsaturated and polyunsaturated. Include fatty acids which are found in oily fish such as salmon and mackerel whilst avoiding hydrogenated or trans fats - these have absolutely no nutritional value and are often found in cakes, pastries and ice cream. Another answer to the how to lose weight fast question is to increase your protein intake but make sure it is lean protein.

Enough fiber intake

Eating a wide variety of foods rich in fiber will help your digestive system move food through your bowels more efficiently. Not only that but fiber also bulks up in the gut and makes you feel full, meaning you'll eat more sensibly. Fiber has been shown to be incredibly beneficial with cancer. When taken in high amounts, studies have indicated that a person risk for colon cancer is dramatically reduced and seem to indicate that fiber potentially has the ability to dilute carcinogens that get absorbed into the bowel walls.

Therefore, increasing your daily intake of fiber is a very good idea and it is also rather simple; it is found in many natural foods such as oats, vegetables and fruits. The average person could lose around 10 pounds a year just from doubling their fiber intake! That would undoubtedly be an easy way on your quest to find out how to lose weight fast.

Enough rest

Of course yes! When it comes to losing weight fast, you must realize that your body needs appropriate rest in order to burn fat! Proper rest allows your body to work much more efficiently in fact sleep deficiency impairs your ability to lose fat. You should make sure that you do not exercise every single day, by doing this you will be over training and not allowing your muscles to recover and grow.

It's actually one of the biggest myths around that the way to lose weight is to hit the gym. Have you ever seen the calorie counter on a gym machine? You've been pounding on it for one hour and have burned only 300 calories. Cutting out a single chocolate bar would have the same effect.

At least, take 24-48 hours between any heavy strength sessions where you are utilizing the same muscles and take at least 2 days off per week.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that your goal should be to lose fat, not just weight in general. If you are doing strength training during your weight loss, you might actually see an initial gain in weight, don't worry about this. As muscle weighs more than fat, you have probably simply lost some fat whilst gaining muscle. Muscle is what gives your body shape and it is indeed a good thing.

So, there you have some of the most vital tips to enhance your weight loss quest. Adhering to these tips will go a long way in helping you lose weight fast and safely!








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