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Before we look at the role of Physiotherapy in treating sports injury it’s important we understand what the term Physiotherapy is in essence. That said, Physiotherapy in simple terms is a healthcare service which helps to remediate physical injuries, impairments and disabilities through physical intervention which is carried out by a professionally trained physiotherapist. Sports injuries are some of these injuries that can be cured via physiotherapy. Injuries sustained from sports just like several injuries sustained from other mishaps can be completely terrible and also distressing. The physical and mental stresses that are brought by the injury does not discriminate professional athletes from the amateur ones. The injury, if left untreated or not properly managed may actually affect and ultimately...

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If you’re like most sports people then you’ll be familiar with the rigorous demands of taking part in an intense physical activity. Although great for your fitness and general health – but in the long run all the jumping, running, and tackling starts telling on you. Sprains, strains, and tears become an almost daily experience. At this point most athletes usually prefer seeing a Chiropractor – which is a common sense move by the way, but the question begging to be answered is – Does these treatments work or is it just another expensive venture to get something that doesn’t exist? Top athletes who has visited chiropractor as part of their rehabilitation from injuries testified of the efficacy of the...

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A sports injury is usually an accident that occurs to an athlete while participating in any sports activity. A sports injury is undoubtedly something that has become part of a sportsman's life. With the number of sports being played and due to its increasing competitiveness, athletes have also slowly started accepting the fact that sports injury is something that is inevitable. Sports injury rehabilitation must be undertaken by a sportsperson in the proper way to be free from any kind of injury. Rehabilitation must not only be seen as helping a person to be able to play, but also to do his daily work properly. Someone can injure diverse body parts owing to playing sports regularly. Almost all major sports...

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