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Many athletes ask questions about strength training. Should they? Shouldn’t they? Should they lift heavy, light, free weights, machines or Crossfit? There have been debating about the effectiveness and necessity of strength training for endurance athletes for many years. Strength training has proven not to be a waste of time and effort for cyclists. How does it benefit the cyclist? Is strength training is beneficial for a cyclist if they try to avoid too much muscle? Building strength does not necessarily add muscle. Strength training can rather lead to greater endurance and stronger resistance to injuries. The training approach does not focus on muscle building. Heavy weight and low reps help train the body to make better use any available...

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When you think of the top strength exercises for cyclists, it's important first to examine what is needed. Cycling happens on one foot at a time, is mainly aerobic and requires repeated production of force. Cycling also involves a strong core for handling your bike, climbing, and endurance. Many exercises can satisfy these needs, but some, especially when combined, will target the whole body in a specific way for cycling. Bodyweight exercises can be done anywhere, at home, at the gym or the office, while weight exercises are best in a gym with appropriate footwear, and spotters if needed. The main goal of strength exercise is to train and prepare the body in a similar motion to cycling while increasing...

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There are a number of ways in which your body benefits from cycling, though perhaps the most important in terms of helping to extend your life are the cardiovascular benefits. If you ask experts in fitness and healthy lifestyles, they will tell you that riding and cycling are perhaps one of the best exercises available. Even the cheapest bicycle can help people keep fit, healthy and in shape, disproving the myth that you need the most expensive lightweight bike to get any benefit from using it. Cycling is known as 'aerobic' exercise. Aerobic exercise uses and improves, the consumption of oxygen in the body. While this in itself may not sound like anything special, it does results in a number...

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Yoga has become a popular exercise for many people because it provides so many benefits. Many cyclists are recognizing the value of yoga for biking, with its ability to stretch critical muscle groups and improve overall performance. Biking and yoga are both excellent forms of exercise and doing the both is great as they will help complement one another. Cyclists are prone to injury though. Biking for long stretches can lead to soreness in your lower back and hips. Improper form can also cause tightness in your neck and shoulders. In addition, bicycling requires endurance. Without that endurance, a cyclist can get tired easily. Yoga for biking can help you get the most out of your riding. In addition, they're...

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